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MasterCard launches MoneySend for BlackBerry Smartphones

MoneySend users will acquire the adeptness to acquire acclaim or debit agenda payments, accelerate money to ancestors members, pay for breezy goods, appeal money from bodies who owe money, abridge business or non-profit accumulating accomplishment through the Appeal Funds feature, administer MoneySend transaction history and allure added users to use MoneySend via email.

"MasterCard MoneySend allows users to ‘Send,' ‘Pay' or ‘Request Funds' for a advanced ambit of affidavit including the accustomed ‘IOU,' breezy casework purchased from accompany and family, or payments to a claimed trainer, roommate, babysitter, gardener, charwoman or repairman," said Andrew Ong, Group Head, P2P, MasterCard Worldwide. "We are aflame to extend MasterCard MoneySend to the Blackberry Smartphone belvedere so that we can abide to accommodate consumers with avant-garde means to accomplish their lives easier."

"MasterCard MoneySend allows users in the U.S. to accelerate or appeal money via their BlackBerry through accommodating banks and acclaim unions or back they actualize a basic prepaid annual through Bancorp Bank. Users can again articulation their absolute debit or acclaim cards or coffer blockage annual to the new basic prepaid annual and activate sending money via their Blackberry Smartphone. The appointed annual funds the MoneySend transaction, and users can administer and activate the exchanges through the app. Claimed and banking advice is never stored on the Blackberry. Certain Bancorp Coffer fees will apply," the advertisement said.
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