Brightest 3D Viewing

People have come to believe and perhaps even accept that the typical 3D image is dark. But with new Light Boost Technology, a whole new brighter image can be enjoyed!

See, what happens in conventional 3D TVs, the image is shown to one eye at a time so the other sees a black frame. This rotates with the other eye and creates the effect of 3D. However, due to that black frame, the image becomes darker.

But! With passive Cinema 3D TV, you watch the image with both eyes at the same time. Not just that but with Light Boost Technology, the image is twice as bright! What happens is this: a thin film covers the television’s screen to counteract the inherent dimness and create clearer images!

Cinema 3D’s technology has been called “groundbreaking” and really, makes the 3D journey all the more enjoyable, don’t you think?
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